Contract Propagation

Tissue Culture Contract Propagation and Stock Security are vital foundations to a company dealing with living plants.

At Spektrum Culture we can offer a complete solution to your propagation requirements. Many industries, companies and customers utilize our services, be it biofuel and bioenergy, revegetation and restoration, agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, aquaculture, medicinal and pharmaceutical and many more.

We pride ourselves on producing our own stock, no overseas imports, 100% Australian made. We also offer 100% FREE advice. Since 1998, we have been deflasking and handling our own stock, to ensure customer satisfaction, and with many years beyond this in industry experience, we can offer a great deal of advice. We have a brilliant team of trained and educated staff with a broad range of experience and research to achieve results. We understand the customer may have years of experience themselves or little at all, we can assist at all levels.