Author - Spektrum Culture

Lomandra confertifolia ‘Lil Pal’

New to Spektrum Culture is a variety of Australian native grass called Lomandra confertifolia ssp. Pallida Little Pal also know as 'Lil Pal' Due to the large amount amount of requests for this plant, we are pleased to announce that Lomandra 'Lil Pal' is now available from us in commercial quantities. We would like to celebrate this new addition to our laboratory, by reducing our list price of 'Lil Pal' to only AUD$0.50ea This offer is only available until the end of August 2012 then the price will go back up to AUD$0.65ea. To place an order for this variety please call: 1300 788 620 Or send a message to our sales team here. The pictures above are of Lomandra confertifolia ssp. Pallida Little Pal produced from tissue culture in our laboratory.