yuccaelephantipesTissue Culture ‘elephantipes’

Elephantipes Yucca is the most common variety grown in Australia. Originally from Mexico, is a popular landscape plant specimens in southern Europe and the Mediterranean. The Mayan people of Mexico used the plant as a medicinal herb and still has a place in modern medicine today.

It is a perennial plant known for its architecture, sword-shaped leaves marked in bold, gray trunk that seems to elephant skin. This is a wonderful edition of a collection of containers and plants, when grown in the garden of good use can be done as an accent plant or a function. These beautiful plants make a strong statement are great stylish and grown up in a couple of big pots from the front door.

Although the plant has increased its exotic form and goes bold when 3-4 years brings dense masses of white flowers or cream once or twice a year. The flowers are part of the national dish of Costa Rica – fried eggs, potatoes and yucca flowers. They can also be used in salads, and infused with tea.

It is a hardy plant, very drought resistant and grows in full sun to partial shade. Grown in a container, which reaches about 2 feet high, but in nature it can become a tree up to 6 meters in height. As the plant matures its trunk becomes twisted and elephant skin markings become more pronounced.

It ‘the perfect plant in Australia, because it tolerates very cold or very hot conditions. Because of its drought tolerance did not need much watering, especially in winter. It grows best in well-drained soil and needs re-potting container once a year. Frame can be cut to encourage early branching, the shape desired plant.

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