Tissue Culture ‘Desmetiana’

Yucca ‘desmetiana’ is now commercially available from us as tissue culture cultured plants.

Yucca ‘desmetiana’ is an unusual soft-leaved yucca that forms an upright branching clump of leaves that are light burgundy when new or when the plant is under stress. The leaves will eventually age to dark turquoise color.
This variety of Yucca is thought to be more of a dwarf Yucca, growing only to a height of 1m.

Yucca ‘desmetiana’ will tolerate almost any condition, from extreme hot dry climates down to -10C. You can encourage branching by cutting back the the stem. See the extra photos for an example of this.
This variety can also be used as an indoor plant, however you will need to keep the soil dry over the winter period.

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Plant Tissue Culture: $AUD 1.00ea + GST

The minimum order qty:500 plants/variety To check availability of tissue culture stock or if you would like to place a forward order, please feel free to contact us.

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